"The metro is for Montreal what the boulevards are for Paris or the canals for Venice."
Jean-Claude Germain, historian

Welcome to the unofficial website for fans of Montreal's metro system, the best way to get around the francophone metropolis of North America. This modern rapid transit system is swift, convenient, and inexpensive, and is one of the most architecturally distinctive subway systems in the world.

Unlike many other subway networks, which feature kilometres of identical stations, every station in Montreal is distinct. The system is also beautifully decorated with hundreds of pieces of public art, including sculptures, frescoes, and stained glass.

Too often, people race around underground without appreciating the beauty that can make their commute a pleasure, nor the hard work and creativity that went into the installation of the amenity they enjoy today. This is the place for Montrealers to take another look at what they rush past every day, and for people elsewhere to discover our wonderful city through what lies beneath its streets.

You can choose to read more on the whole network by making a choice from the menus on the left or at the bottom of the screen, or to examine a particular station by scrolling to the bottom of this page and choosing one of the station indices there.

Bienvenue à bord!

Matt McLauchlin


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