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  1. What is Montreal's metro?
  2. What is the STM?
  3. Why is Montreal's metro not called a subway?
  4. How many stations are there in Montreal's metro?
  5. What makes Montreal's metro different from other subway systems in the world?
  6. How much does it cost to ride Montreal's metro?
  7. Where is the station closest to me?
  8. How can I tell which line to use?
  9. How do I transfer from train to train?
  10. How do I transfer between the metro to the bus?
  11. How do I transfer between the metro and the commuter trains?
  12. What are the metro's operating hours?
  13. Why should I use the metro?


  14. What did Montrealers use to get around before the metro?
  15. When did they first get the idea for a metro?
  16. When was the metro founded?
  17. How many stations did it comprise at first?
  18. How long did it take to build?
  19. How much did it cost to build?
  20. Who collaborated in the construction?
  21. Why is there no Line 3?
  22. When were the rest of the lines built?


  23. How many people use the system?
  24. How much does it cost to run?
  25. What sort of people use the metro?
  26. What is the total length of the track?
  27. How many journeys are made by the trains per year?
  28. Where is the control centre for the system?
  29. What are the future plans for the metro network?


  30. What kinds of trains are used in the metro?
  31. How many trains serve the metro?
  32. Why are the trains on the green line different from on the other lines?
  33. How large are the trains?
  34. What is the maximum speed of a metro train? How do trains brake?
  35. Where are the trains housed and repaired?
  36. What is that three-note sound I hear when a metro train starts up?
  37. What do trains do at the end of the line?
  38. What are those signs inside the tunnel for?
  39. Why are trains sometimes delayed?
  40. Why do trains sometimes pass through a station without stopping?
  41. Why do trains sometimes shake, or brake suddenly?
  42. How can I tell if a train is the last one of the night?
  43. How are buses used in case of an interruption in service?
  44. What other types of vehicles are used in the metro?


  45. How are metro stations named?
  46. Who designed the metro stations?
  47. Which station is busiest?
  48. What are the longest and shortest distances between stations?
  49. Which station is the deepest?
  50. What artworks are found in the metro?
  51. Why is it so hot in the metro in winter? Why is it windy in the metro?


  52. What are the rules for metro passengers?
  53. Where can I go to get information on the system, report an incident, or find a lost item?
  54. How are musicians permitted to play in the metro?
  55. Has there ever been a collision in the Montreal metro?
  56. Has there ever been a fire in the Montreal metro?
  57. What should I do in case of an emergency?
  58. Do people ever commit suicide in the metro?
  59. Is it permitted to take photographs in the metro?


  60. Have any movies been shot in the metro?
  61. What does "cent-trente-et-un-dix, cent-trente-et-un-dix, communiquez" mean?
  62. What stations have the longest and shortest names?
  63. When has the metro run all night?
  64. What was the metro's busiest day ever?
  65. Who designed the metro logo?
  66. Whose voice is used to announce the stations?
  67. What's that smell?
  68. How many ... are there?