Part of the Snowdon neighbourhood on boul. Décarie, with the Théâtre Snowdon Snowdon neighbourhood; rue Snowdon. Rue Snowdon, named after the owner of the land on which it was built, gave its name to the neighbourhood whose nucleus (boul. Décarie and chemin Queen-Mary) is near this station.

Upper platform: 19,5 m deep
Lower platform: 24,6 m deep
(6th deepest station)
3 163 288 entrances in 2006
(29th busiest station, not counting transfers)

To Côte-Sainte-Catherine:
To Villa-Maria:
693,00 metres
884,41 metres
To Côte-des-Neiges:
959,60 metres

Sculptural gate by Jean-Paul BeaulieuJean-Paul Beaulieu's sculptural grille on the vent in the stairwell is accompanied by another similar sculpture, this one a gate, on the rear side of the station's exterior, leading to the vent's outlet.

This is the only station to have served as the terminus for two different lines. Before the inauguration of the blue line, Snowdon was the western terminus of the orange line for some nine months between its inauguration and that of Côte-Sainte-Catherine station.