David, Boulva & Cleve

Jean-Jacques Besner

28 April 1980

Panoramic view of a landing in the main staircase

View of the central light shaft

View of the central light shaft
View of the central light shaft

View of the central light shaft

Despite its modest appearance from the outside, the great height of the walls and the vaulted ceilings of this exceptionally deep station (26,5 metres) have the appearance of an unornamented modern cathedral. The great height of the walls and the vaulted ceilings loom over the passenger, permitting a direct line of sight through a central light shaft from the kiosk down to the mezzanine. The brown brick walls promote a feeling of warmth and link the upper spaces to the plain platform level.

View of the platforms

This station underwent significant additions during the Réno-Métro program to prepare it for its new vocation in serving the Windsor commuter train terminus (now Gare Lucien-L'Allier) and the Molson (now Bell) Centre. A pedestrian walkway between that complex and the station's kiosk was built along the train tracks over rue de la Montagne.

View of the kiosk, with passage to commuter train
Passage to Gare Lucien-L'Allier

The station's original design included space at the far end of the platform for a second access to be built on rue Argyle. When the station was connected to the Bell Centre, fire safety considerations forced the construction of a bridge and emergency exit here. It exits below the Ville-Marie Autoroute onto rue Saint-Antoine.

The emergency exit seen from the platforms
Doors from the emergency exit

Glass firewall
Sculptural grille by Jean-Jacques Besner

Another addition imposed by fire safety was a glass firewall dividing the mezzanine and station volume from the platforms.

Unfortunately, one of the additions was a bridge over the light shaft in the kiosk, leading towards the Bell Centre passage. This has blocked the view of the station's artwork, a sculptural grille by Jean-Jacques Besner which hides a ventilation opening. It can still be seen from below, in the station's volume, and through the internal windows in the kiosk.

Three metros-not bad!Three metros-not bad!Three metros-not bad!