Jean Dumontier
Jean Dumontier
28 April 1967

Entrance to the Complexe Charles-Lemoyne
Stairs to the turnstiles

This small station is the far terminus of the yellow line and the main public transit connection between Montreal and the south shore. It is slung under the Place Charles-Lemoyne shopping mall, which also connects to the large new AMT Longueuil bus terminus. Once inside the badly-decorated mall, it is relatively difficult to find the access, as the signage is somewhat confusing (immediately above the stairs, it says "Brasserie," not, say, "Métro" or the like).

Overview of the platform

More importantly, the layout of the station doesn't show a lot of forward thinking. Unlike all the other terminus stations, arriving passengers do not pass through turnstiles when they disembark; accordingly, there is no way to get to the other platform without paying the fare again. (The turnstiles are at platform level and lead directly onto the Berri-UQAM line platform.)

Turnstiles seen from the mezzanine
Turnstiles seen from the platform

This may not seem like a disadvantage now, but when the yellow line is extended and this station becomes a middle stop rather than a terminus, it is difficult to see how they will retrofit the station for its new vocation. Every other station has a way to get from one platform to the other, for passengers who mistakenly get on the wrong platform. This station's layout was short-sighted.

Zigzag decoration

Finally, this station is aesthetically lacking. The only features of artistic interest are the unusual shapes of the pillars supporting the platform ceiling, and a subtle mural along the platform walls, depicting long angular lines.

In short, this ill-planned station gives the appearance of having been jerry-rigged. It doesn't make a very good first impression to people embarking for Montreal.

One metro - a station with serious problems.