Jean Dumontier
Jean Dumontier
28 April 1967

Pavilion, with the Biosphere

Funnel-shaped stairwellsAs the primary station serving the fairgrounds of Expo 67, for which the yellow line was built, this station had to permit the flow of massive numbers of visitors. It was therefore built with many structural features permitting the efficient flow and accomodation of hundreds of people.

The primary spaces have the shape of funnels, including the staircase and the pavilion entrance portals, providing both the visual and practical effect of efficiency and accomodation.

Stairs to the platform
Waiting area

Going along with the facts of traffic flow, the station was also built with large waiting rooms (and, originally, bathrooms and water fountains) at platform level, the only station so constructed.

Even the signage is enhanced in clarity and size, to help the large numbers of tourists who visit Île Sainte-Hélène and its amenities to find their way.

Overview of the platform

As for decoration, the station is mostly of ridged concrete. At platform level, the walls are decorated with irregular yellow-ochre stripes encrusted into the concrete.

The primary artwork, however, is four human figures of the same material, posed like atlantes supporting the ceiling of the platform. They bring to mind the Terre des Hommes theme of Expo 67.
Signage in the mezzanine
Atlas decoration

Two metros - nothing specialTwo metros - nothing special