About the Author

MATT MCLAUCHLIN is a translator and activist. Born in Saint John, New Brunswick, he grew up in Winnipeg and moved to Montreal in 1995.

An activist with the New Democratic Party, he has run for Parliament three times in his federal riding of Jeanne-Le Ber. He is the co-president of the NDP-Quebec Section's LGBTT Commission and sits on the party's federal council and the Quebec Section executive. In the 2006 election, he served as the party's Quebec spokesperson for transportation, equality, and LGBTT issues.

In summer 2002 he completed an internship as an Internet information agent at the Customer Service and Communications division of the STM. In the same year he was a delegate to CUTA's National Youth Summit on Sustainable Transportation.

An ardent defender of public transit, and a metrophile ever since moving to Montreal, he was born 15 years to the day after the metro was inaugurated, of parents who met on the #80 Ave. du Parc bus.

He lives with a roommate and two cats near metro de l'Église.

Email: matt_mcl@hotmail.com

Image file matt.jpg by Phil Trippenbach.