John Coape Sherbrooke Rue Sherbrooke. Sir John Coape Sherbrooke (1764-1830), a British military man, served tours of duty around the world, and was the governor of Nova Scotia during the War of 1812 between the United States and Canada. He later served as governor-general of British North America 1816-1818, during which time Lower Canada enjoyed a brief period of calm. The street bearing his name dates back approximately to 1817, when it was known either as rue Sherbrooke or rue Sainte-Marie. It originally ran from near present-day rue Union to rue Saint-Denis; it now runs from Montréal-Ouest to the eastern tip of the island.

Name during planning phase: Cherrier.

10,4 m deep
(51st deepest station)
3 646 920 entrances in 2006
(23rd busiest station)

To Berri-UQAM:
To Mont-Royal:
579,10 metres
932,10 metres