The Rt. Hon. Georges-Philias VanierBoul. Georges-Vanier. The Rt. Hon. Georges-Philias Vanier (1888-1967) was Canada's 19th governor general since Confederation. Born in Montreal a few steps from the street that now bears his name, Major-General Vanier served as a soldier and diplomat. He distinguished himself in World War I, losing his leg; he was Canada's ambassador to all Allied governments during World War II. He was named Governor General in 1959, becoming the second Canadian by birth and the first French-Canadian to hold that post. He died in office. Rue Fulford was renamed Boul. Georges-Vanier in 1967.

Full biography from the Governor General's website

17,7 m deep
(20th deepest station)
736 976 entrances in 2006
(64th busiest station)

To Lionel-Groulx:
To Lucien-L'Allier:
758,60 metres
530,60 metres

Architectural rendering of this station:

Architectural rendering

This is the only station not served by any bus line.

Image gvanier.jpg courtesy the Office of the Secretary to the Governor General.
Image artimp.jpg from BTM fiche on Georges-Vanier station.