Pierre-W. Major

Michel Dernuet, Claude Théberge, and Antoine D. Lamarche

28 April 1980

View of the transept from the bridge, with Un Arbre dans le parc by Michel Dernuet

View of the platforms

Tiling in the mezzanine
Tiled designes on the walls of the central volume
A stylish and good-looking station, Georges-Vanier's design favours oblique rather than perpendicular angles to add visual interest to the space. The main colour scheme consists of dark grey and rich blue bricks at the platform level, as well as in the upper levels where they interrupt the pale grey of the ridged concrete walls. The cool, precise forms and colours complement the postmodern feeling of the station's forms.

Bird's eye view of the central volume
View of the Montmorency platform
Un Arbre dans le parc, by Michel Dernuet
Stairwell to Montmorency platform

The central volume is a curious irregular shape, as is the bridge over the rails. The latter has a large triangular waiting area at one end, and leads to staircases jutting out at odd angles and turning corners. The bridge and staircases offer a variety of viewpoints upon the striking architecture.

Vault over the platforms

The unusual nature of the shapes at the platform level is reinforced on the eastern wall of the central volume, where the curve of the tunnel vault is continued down to the floor.

The central volume is also decorated with several large blue trapezoidal forms, as well as the tiled circles sprinkled throughout the station.

However, the main attraction is a large concrete sculpture entitled Un Arbre dans le parc, which rises from the platform two stories to tower over the bridge. This modern work is both decorative and functional, as each "branch" contains a light fixture.

Kiosk and light shaft

A small glass and concrete kiosk, accompanied by a large concrete light shaft shaped like the frustum of a cone and admitting light into the center volume, top off this attractive and sophisticated station.

Five metros - a masterpiece!Five metros - a masterpiece!Five metros - a masterpiece!Five metros - a masterpiece!Five metros - a masterpiece!

Image artimp.jpg from BTM fiche on Georges-Vanier station.