Victor Prus

13 February 1967

Overview of the platforms

This is possibly the most elegant station of the original network. The space is clad in warm brown brick, with wide, arch-shaped decorative recesses carved into the concrete walls. Deep vaults rise into the ceiling above the mezzanine walkways. The large, square lamps hung from the ceiling with integrated directional signage are an award-winning feature, though the triangular tops are a recent addition.

Since this station serves as a traffic hub between many parts of the Underground City and many means of transit, it was built cut-and-cover to free large volumes for the various levels. Topologically, the mezzanine consists in a walkway with the turnstiles on either side; below the mezzanine level the two directions are joined with bridges, allowing one of the changers' booths to close during off hours without denying access to one of the platforms.

Tunnel to Place Bonaventure
Tunnel to Edifice Gare Windsor

In fact, this station was originally planned almost entirely as an underground city link, with access to Place Bonaventure and the former Gare Windsor via two long tunnels, as well as to Place du Canada. The only external entrance was on rue de La Gauchetière in front of Gare Windsor, one of the only open entrances in the metro (with Square-Victoria and Place-Saint-Henri).

Rue de la Cathédrale entrance
Gare Windsor entrance

Access to the station was expanded with the construction of the 1000 de La Gauchetière office building directly above it. The building contains the AMT Terminus Centre-Ville for buses serving the South Shore, whose two sets of platforms are accessible either sides of the eastern end of the mezzanine. Of these, the northern access includes an additional underground city link to Place Bonaventure, Gare Centrale, and the tower itself. In addition, the tower has a second exterior access to the station on its western side, on Rue de la Cathédrale.

Elevator, mezzanine levelElevator, platform level
In late 2009 this station became the third of the original network to have elevators installed. However, the station is not yet fully accessible, as the elevators run only from the mezzanine to the platforms. Connections to the AMT bus terminal and surface have yet to be installed. Also, because of the layout of the mezzanine, passengers requiring the elevators must be sure to choose the correct turnstile for their platform, as the elevators do not serve the bridges connecting the platforms.

Four metros-worth the trip!Four metros-worth the trip!Four metros-worth the trip!Four metros-worth the trip!