Université du Québec à Montréal, Judith-Jasmin pavilion Rue Berri. After a long period of uncertainty, it is now believed that the name of this street, long ago spelt Berry, refers to Simon Després dit Berry. Le Terrier du Saint-Laurent, written in 1663, notes that the section of this road between what are now rues Saint-Antoine and Sherbrooke was the western boundary of a property acquired on 25 April 1659 by Després. (Commission de Toponymie)

Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM). The university was created by the Government of Quebec in 1968, and was opened in 1969. The campus in this neighbourhood was opened in 1979. It is part of the Université du Québec, a state-run network of universities spread across the province.

Unofficial graphic variant: Berri-UQÀM. (UQAM recently began to use the grave accent over the A in its abbreviation for graphic design reasons, to balance the tail of the Q in its logo. This is not strictly in accordance with the usual rules of French orthography, as abbreviations written in all caps do not usually take accents, so the STM continues to write the name with no accent.)

Names during planning phase: Sainte-Catherine; Palais du Commerce; Saint-Denis (yellow line); Berri-de Maisonneuve (see below).

Formerly called: Berri-de Montigny (until 1 January 1988). Rue de Montigny was named in honour of the Testard de Montigny family. The street was combined with Burnside and Western avenues into boul. De Maisonneuve when the metro was built under those three streets. In fact, by the time Berri-de Montigny station opened, rue de Montigny was already gone! (A small portion remains near Place des Arts). The name should have been changed to Berri-de Maisonneuve but it was argued that this would confuse visitors to Expo '67. The name was changed at the same time as Guy metro became Guy-Concordia.

Orange line platform: 10,7 m deep
Green line platform: 16,8 m deep
Yellow line platform: 27,4 m deep
(2nd deepest station)

12 053 754 entrances in 2006
(Busiest station in the network, not counting transfers)

To Saint-Laurent:
To Beaudry:
336,80 metres
378,76 metres
To Champ-de-Mars:
To Sherbrooke:
720,50 metres
579,10 metres
To Jean-Drapeau:
2362,10 metres
Longest interstation distance in the network

It was at this station that the imposing ceremonies for the opening of the metro took place.

The plaque at the centre of the "rondelle" was originally displayed in an upright frame. After it was stolen by some university students as a prank, however, it was placed in its current, more secure position. The other face of the plaque is displayed in the office of the STM's CEO.

On September 2, 2001, at about 11:25 PM, someone set off a tear gas canister in the station. The station was immediately evacuated of its 300 passengers. Although several people were sickened by the fumes, nobody was badly injured.