Photo of Raymond-Fournier Préfontaine, by Laprés and Lavergne Rue Préfontaine; parc Raymond-Préfontaine. Raymond-Fournier Préfontaine (1850-1905), a lawyer, served as mayor of the former City of Hochelaga and then mayor of Montreal (1898-1902).

Name during planning phase: Moreau

12,2 m deep
(42nd deepest station)
1 171 355 entrances in 2006
(58th busiest station)

To Frontenac:
To Joliette:
1003,95 metres
383,43 metres

Architectural Sketch of Préfontaine station
Architectural rendering, showing lighting structure
This station was originally supposed to contain a suspended metal framework containing light fixtures. Though the idea was dropped, it was later adapted for Côte-des-Neiges station.

Also, the original plans called for the southern entrance to be separate from the broad light shaft, rather than integrated with it as it is now.

Image esquisse.jpg from STM archives. Used by permission. Thank you to Benoît Clairoux.