Victor Prus and André G. Dionne

Charles Daudelin

6 June 1976

Illuminated arch above the mezzanine

Sloping parapet over the platforms Langelier is a good example of 1970s all-concrete construction. It is essentially one huge vault, presenting a very dramatic, almost sci-fi aspect at mezzanine level where it is lit with rows of fluorescent lights.

The mezzanine looks down onto the platform over a parapet sloped down at an acute angle. The links between platform and mezzanine are made by stairs arranged in exciting angular formations, continuing the space-age design down to platform level.

The rest of the station's walls are made up of orderly rows of prefabricated, bracket-shaped concrete units with integrated seats. In addition, ventilation shafts are hidden by attractive, sculptured metal screens by Charles Daudelin. Geometrical shapes in the platform transept's walls

Screens by Charles Daudelin

There are three entrances on three corners of an intersection, each with similar geometrical concrete design.

Exterior of the entrance building
Interior of the entrance building

Four metros-worth the trip!Four metros-worth the trip!Four metros-worth the trip!Four metros-worth the trip!